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In this article you will read: what is Omega XL, how to use it, its ingredients, benefits, side effects, customer reviews, packages, prices, where to buy it, pros & cons.

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Name: Omega XL
Category: Joints, Health
Price: From $49.95
Author: Jenny Abouobaia
Our verdict:  (2 / 5)


As we get older time takes it tolls on our joints. It maybe a little more difficult to get up from your favorite chair.

You may feel like you need a kick start when you get out of bed in the morning. That flight of stairs that you used to run up now takes a bit a bit of time to traverse.

Whatever the reason, be it age or maybe the remnants of an old injury, pain and inflammation is no joke. Unlike a car engine we can’t just open the hood, lubricate the engine and get going again. So, what can we do?

I dare say we have all heard of the benefits of Omega 3. This is a fatty acid derived from foods, particularly fish like salmon and tuna.

There are many supplements available on the market that can boost your intake of Omega 3. One such supplement is Omega XL.

It boasts that it obtains its oils from Green Lipped Mussels sourced from New Zealand.

Want to know more about how it and can it help? Read on.

What Is Omega XL?

what is

This is one of several health supplements provided by a company called Great HealthWorks.

The company was founded in 2003 with the aim to create a natural, effective supplement that could help reduce inflammation.

The founders Ken Meares and Miles Dupreé, started with this one idea and OmegaXL was the result.

The product has paid celebrity endorsements from Larry King and Blair Underwood among others.

The supplement contains Omega 3 fatty acids. It promises to reduce joint pain and inflammation.

The company marketing places a lot of emphasis on the source of its Omega 3, Green Lipped Mussels. They identify them as coming from “pristine waters of New Zealand, recognized to be among the cleanest waters on earth.”

This combination of fatty acids is patented as Perna Canaliculus PCSO-524.

So is there anything in this companies gel capsules that differs from the many other fish oil supplements available on the market?

Let’s take a look.



The listed ingredients are a bit vague for this product. They don’t specify the quantities of each ingredient. They contain:

Green Lipped Mussel Oil Extract (Perna Canaliculus PCSO-524)

This contains 92 fatty acids and has been shown to beneficial in reducing pain and inflammation. If you’re allergic to seafood ,it’s not an issue. All the proteins from the green lipped mussels have been removed so you can use this supplement. To be safe, make sure to consult with your physician first.

Olive Oil

Has been shown to have anti-inflammatory and pain relieving effects.

Vitamin E

This is an antioxidant that may helps boost our immune system and may help alleviate pain.

The capsules are free from shellfish protein, artificial ingredients, milk, yeast, corn and gluten.

How Does It Work?

formula analysis

Joint pain can be caused by various things.

  • It may be as a result of injury, new or old.
  • It may also be caused by the inflammation associated with Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis.

There have been many studies carried out as to the effect of Omega 3 on joint pain. In one study, 60 percent of people found that taking a fish oil supplement reduced the pain.

Omega-3 fatty acids are a family of important fats that we must get from our diet. The three main types are ALA, EPA and DHA. The Green Lipped Mussel Oil contains two of these, EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid).

DHA is a key structural component of the brain, the retina of the eyes and numerous important parts of the body.

EPA protects our genes and cell cycle. EPA throughout adult life can help prevent a range of chronic illness.

Neither of these fatty acids occur naturally in the body and therefore must be obtained from food or supplements.

Omega XL claims to contain up to 22 more fatty acids than regular fish oils. It promises to ease pain and inflammation. It would appear science backs up these claims.

There are numerous studies showing the effectiveness of Omega-3 fatty acids in reducing inflammation. They can also help lower blood pressure and decrease the risks of heart disease.

Side Effects

side effects

There do not appear to be any side effects.

As previously mentioned all the proteins from the green lipped mussels have been removed, so even people with shellfish allergies could take these supplements.

It is recommend that you talk with your doctor before taking Omega XL, especially if you are taking other medications.

Omega XL Reviews & Complaints

customer review

Reviews for this product are mixed. Of 323 reviews on, 53 percent were above average and 47 percent average or below.

The company is registered with the Better Business Bureau and it has a an A+ rating. This is even though there are 113 logged and resolved complaints and 7 negative reviews. There are no positive reviews registered.

Of the positive reviews, people report this product has helped relieve pain in various joints.

Sue Q wirtes:

I have been taking 4 a day for about a year now. It works wonders for my arthritic knees. Case in point, I ran out last Friday and didn’t receive my shipment until today, Tuesday. My knees are so stiff and sore. Will never let myself run out again!

There are sceptics out there who believed this would not work but were pleasantly surprised.

Gary Z reports:

I was a little skeptical how effective it would work, because I had sharp pain and inflammation in my hands. and as a result of using the first bottle nearly all the pain has gone.

Then we come to the customers that were not so happy. Some people report that the product does not work at all. Others find it too expensive.

Karen Lapole writes:

I didn’t notice any results whatsoever in the 3 weeks I took it and it is very expensive.

This company has an autoship programme which we will explain in more detail in a moment.

There are many dissatisfied customers who have found cancelling this nigh on impossible. There appears to be an strong push for further sales from the company when people call to cancel.

Karin P writes:

I decided to give Omega XL a try about 9 months ago. I can’t say for sure whether it has helped or not, but have now cancelled because of their horrible sales tactics. I could not afford the monthly auto shipments and tried to cancel several times only to be persuaded by a “special offer,” which turned out to be total ********. They were supposed to put a hold on the shipments and not charge my card until they resumed next spring, but the bottles keep coming and so do the charges to my credit card.

Packages, Prices & Where To Buy

This product is available to buy from the Great HealthWorks website.

The costs for a first time purchase are:

  • 2 bottles of 60 Soft Gel Tablets: $49.95.

This is a “Buy One Get One Free” offer. Shipping and Handling costs $9.95.

Continued purchases are priced at:

  • 1 bottle of 60 Soft Gel Tablets: $62.40.

Shipping and Handling is $9.95.

The introductory offer is dependent on signing up for auto shipment. Each month the company will send  one bottle of 60 tablets. You agree that can bill the same credit card you use when you sign up for each future shipment.

You may cancel at any time by contacting their customer care department.

The company offers a money back guarantee (less shipping and handling) within 90 days of your first purchase. No refunds will be issued for returns after the 90 day period.

Recurring auto-shipments beyond the 90 day trial period from the initial order date do not qualify for this money back guarantee.

See below how the official site looks like.

omega xl official website

Pros & Cons


  • Contains Omega 3 fish oils which have been proven to help with joint pain and inflammation.
  • The source of the Omega 3, Green Lipped Mussels from New Zealand, may be free of pollutants.
  • Does not have a fish after taste.
  • May be taken by people with fish allergies.
  • Soft Gel Capsules may be easier to swallow than fish oil capsules.
  • 90 day money back guarantee on first order.
  • May be a more potent source of Omega-3 than other fish oils since it is derived from green lipped mussels.


  • Exact amount of ingredients is not known.
  • May be more expensive than other fish oil supplements.
  • May be difficult to cancel the auto shipment that you have to agree to.
  • No specific clinical trials published on the company website to prove their product works.
  • Lack of detailed information on the website as to how the product works.

Final Verdict

There are many Omega 3 supplements on the market. Many studies have shown that this can help reduce pain and inflammation. Omega XL is one such supplement.

The price point may be higher than others on the market. You also have no choice, if you want to take advantage of their reduced first purchase offer, but to agree to an auto ship programme. It would appear that this may then be difficult to cancel.

There appear to be many people who have benefited from taking this product. Likewise, there are others that feel the product does not work. If you like fish then you may decide that consuming healthy salmon or tuna twice a week would be a better way to source Omega 3.

If you are allergic to fish, or don’t like taking the larger fish oil capsules then the cost of this supplement may be worth it.

You may also want to know where your Omega 3 is sourced. This supplement appears to come from an area that is free of pollutants. And after all if Larry King is to be believed, he can now bend over and put his socks on in the morning without feeling any pain!

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Product Name: Omega XL

Product Description: Omega XL is an oil-based nutritional supplement that is claimed to use a patented blend of 30 fatty acids, including DHA and EPA, to provide improved joint health, and to reduce aches and pains.

Price: 49.95

Currency: $

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Do you know any other alternative to Omega XL?

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