Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Losing weight is one challenging journey that a lot of people go through. It can be an exciting and frustrating experience. The will to lose weight and look good is perhaps a great motivation but what we must not forget is to also be motivated to lose weight for good health. A lot of people have given up and became frustrated with weight loss regimens because they either lose the motivation along the way or was not able to reach their expectations. In order to avoid situations like this, it would really help if we found out earlier what the common weight loss mistakes are.

In the context of health, medicine and physical fitness, weight loss is the reduction of the overall body mass of a person by losing body fats or adipose tissue, fluid and/or lean mass which are tendon, mineral deposits, tendon and other types of connective tissue. Weight loss may occur not just intentionally but it may happen unintentionally too possibly due to a disease.

There are people who think that we get fat from eating and so they end up skipping meals and starving themselves. It is true that most of the time, people gain weight from consuming excessive amounts of food that are high in calories but starving one’s self by skipping meals is definitely not the way or fastest way to lose weight.

Health experts stay that when our bodies are unable to get the needed nutrients for more than 10 hours it will start storing fat to compensate for starving it believing that because the body is not fuelled with food it will get the energy from the stored fat. So what happens here is if you skip a meal, the next meal that you will be eating will all be stored as fat storage. So you see that skipping meals for the purpose of losing weight is clearly defeated with this way.

This is another mistake that a lot of weight loss dieters commit. People who are really in dire need or desperate to lose weight are the most vulnerable to weight loss ads especially those that are endorsed by celebrities. We must remember that if a diet works for another person it does not automatically mean that it will also work for you because our bodies have different metabolisms. There are diets that may work for you and not for others so before you start on a diet, consult a dietitian and nutritionist to find out your current situation before you start following it.

Little or No Physical Activity

Just because we are on a weight loss diet it does not mean that we should solely rely on sticking to that weight loss diet plan. Exercising and doing physical activity is essential in losing weight because it helps boost our metabolism and this means we get to lose weight more effectively and faster. Our energy levels are also up when we exercise. Like choosing a diet, you must also find out what exercise is best for you in order to not get frustrated and most importantly in order to steer away from injuries.

More Weight Loss Mistakes

The best way to lose weight is to eat the right kinds of foods in the right amounts and to accompany it with a good and regular exercise regimen. This explains why most diet pills are not quite that saleable compared before because there has been numerous studies saying that you cannot rely on just drinking a pill that claims to increase your metabolism or suppress your appetite. There have been a lot of research done and most of which were not able to conclude that with just a pop of a pill you can right away lose weight.

There are a lot of weight loss dieters out there who get into vigorous exercises or intense workouts and motivating themselves that after the tiresome regimen, they will reward themselves with something and most of the time the reward for this is eating unhealthy treats after. This should not really be done because you only go back to the start. A best way to beat this is by having yourself a healthy snack prepared that you can eat after your routine.

There is a misconception that after you go running, you should not in so that the extra fats that you have will be burned because your metabolism has sped up. But many researchers say that if you eat foods that contain carbohydrate and protein after you run, you are able to increase your fitness levels in a more effective way and you become better in the next session of your run.

Relaxation and Rest Deficiency

Sleeping and taking a break once in a while can also help in weight loss. Why? This is not just because we don’t eat when we are sleeping but it’s also because it is during sleep where our body is able to burn fats. Our body will also find it hard to work on removing the fats during our exercise or workout because your energy levels are not up and you cannot perform the exercise better making it even harder to achieve your goal weight.

Drinks don’t have Calories

When we are on a weight loss diet, we should not just pay attention to what we should eat, rather we should also take note of the drinks that we go for. It is important to remember that even drinks have calories too and no matter how small these calories are in a drink, we should not forget that we drink many times in a day. It would be best that we go for healthy drinks such as fresh fruit juices that have no preservatives and artificial sweeteners or make your own healthy smoothie.

Setting Unrealistic Goals and Expectations

When we are about to get into a weight loss diet, it is important that our expectations are goals should realistic, has a time setting and achievable. When we expect too much from our weight loss regimen we only end up frustrated not knowing that we have set goals that are way out of our league. So before you get disappointed, start it all off with goals and expectations that are within your reach.

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