Healthy Benefits Of Paleo Diet

If we consider Paleolithic ancestors, they have eaten natural diets which did not contain any preservatives, or added chemicals, or calorie-fortified diets that we are consuming presently. The natural diet which our ancestors have eaten kept their body healthy and skinny.

In the past days, there were no people who suffer from weight gain because paleo contains fewer carbohydrates and calories and these don’t contain hydrogenated oils, saturated fats, refined sugar, and salts. So they did not suffer from the disorders such as diabetes and heart diseases because they used to eat natural foods without preservatives and added chemicals.

Paleo foods are such foods like meats. Meats synthesized from grass-eating animals, vegetables especially root vegetables, eggs, fish, nuts. They did not have a habit of taking processed food such as dairy products, legumes, grains.

Here some paleo foods are mentioned below so you can get awareness of paleo foods.


All meats come with Paleo foods. It is best to eat skinny meats. It is better to choose grass-eating goats and beef. Pork can be eatable but eliminate the additional fat from it. The chicken comes with the paleo diet. All Wild animals come under paleo diets such as geese, deer, wild hogs, ducks, and quail. These offers fine meat without containing antibiotics and hormones which we see in supermarkets and store meats. If anybody wants to cook beef jerky, take a cooker, spice up beef, and add natural spices to beef and cook paleo beef jerky.


Fish comes from the paleo diet. The fist is very healthy diet especially fish which is caught in the wild environment. If we buy fish that is cultured in a controlled environment and frozen in refrigerators, such fish is not good for health and it does not come under paleo diet.

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Vegetables also come under paleo diet. Vegetables consisting of excess amounts starch is not good for health such a potato. Vegetables that come under paleo foods are spinach, collards, mustard greens and turnip greens. These are good for health.


Paleo diets which can be served along with salads are beets, pumpkin, sprouts, broccoli, carrots, and cabbage.


Nuts also come under paleo diets. It is better to consume nuts in medium amounts because there is a chance to gain weight by eating nuts. That is why it is better to eat nuts in medium quantity. Walnuts consist of rich proteins and omega 3 oils. Nuts that come from paleo foods are pistachios, almonds, Pecans, and chestnuts. We can prepare recipes by using nuts.


All fruits come with paleo foods. Generally consists of rich sugars. Rich sugars lead to weight gain. People who want weight loss should take medium amounts.

Eggs also come under paleo diets.


Water and some unsweetened tea come with paleo diets. It is better always to drink plenty of water.

Some foods which don’t come under paleo diets are salts, bread, refined sugars, and pasta. It is better to exclude fatty foods, sweets, and legumes. Soft drinks and alcoholic products are not paleo diets.Usually diets those are caught, fished, hunted from wild environment comes with paleo food.

Our paleolithic ancestors used to eat paleo diet which is very good for health. It is always better to choose paleo food rather than buying from supermarkets and meat stores. It is better to have the paleo food habits rather than normal eating.

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8 Tips for Crohn’s Disease Diet

Maintaining a healthy and well balanced diet amidst the stress of the fast paced life is very challenging for everybody. But if an individual comes to think seriously about the reasons for their suffering from Crohn’s disease, they will find that not eating in the right manner is also responsible for this outcome.

Most of the food that we consume is digested in the small intestine. But when the small intestine becomes inflamed (as happens in Crohn’s disease), it is incapable of breaking down the food and therefore the nutrients of the food is not absorbed in the body. This may lead to malnutrition and tiredness in those people. Therefore everyone should pay attention to the food that they are consuming to avoid triggering off Crohn’s disease. Today we have list 8 tips for Crohn’s disease diet as detailed below.

Eat regularly

Eating regularly is one of the salient features of crohn’s disease diet. People suffering from crohn’s disease may often feel a loss in their appetite and cause mal-absorption of the important nutrients and minerals. This will make patient weak and tired. An individual requires proteins, nutrients and vitamins for energy and for maintaining the good health. Therefore, eating regularly is a must. People can even break their meals and consume three or four small meals rather than eating a big meal. This will help them to eat properly and due to the small portions consumed, it will be easy for the small intestine to absorb the minerals easily.

Eat a well-balanced diet

Patient should consume a diet rich in proteins and vitamins. Vitamins especially A, B, C and folic acid are required for your good health. Calcium, iron and zinc are also compounds which should be included in the diet plan. In order to ensure that patient does not miss the essential nutrients in their food, it is best to eat four kinds of food which will meet the demands of the nutritional needs of the body. Meat and its substitutes are great sources of proteins and iron. For calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D, consumption of dairy products like cheese is helpful. Cereals and grain help to replenish the need for zinc in the body. Leafy green vegetables and fruits should be consumed for supplementing the needs of calcium, vitamin C, zinc.

Avoid alcohol

Those people who consume alcohol in large amounts should stop their consumption immediately to help prevent crohn’s disease. Cocktails should also be stopped. If the consumption cannot be totally stopped, they should at least decrease the amount of their consumption. Alcohol and cocktails make every patients feel worse. Consuming these beverages may trigger symptoms of the crohn’s disease and also irritate the gastrointestinal tract.

Do not eat spicy foods

Some persons may get tired by the continuous eating of bland foods which have minimum spice in them. For such people, self-control is very important as they may be tempted to eat the spicy food for restoring the taste in their mouth. The spicy foods irritate the gastrointestinal tract and cause much discomfort to the individual. However it has been found that consumption of bland foods have been helpful for those who are suffering from the disease. Therefore the person should have self-control over his taste-buds or else he may trigger off symptoms of the disease.

Develop a healthy diet plan with your doctor

Patients should consult his or her doctor for the formulation of a healthy diet plan. The plan should be made in such a way so that one gets the nutritional benefits from the foods mentioned in the diet as well as receives the energy that they need to perform day to day work. Therefore they must work out with the doctor and chalk out a diet plan which will help to combat the disease and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The person should let the doctor know about any allergy that he or she has to a certain food. This will help the doctor in leaving that food out from the diet chart.

Consume less fiber rich foods

Consuming less of foods rich in fiber helps patient immensely who have crohn’s disease. Foods rich in fiber can lead to constipation and can cause discomfort. People suffering from the disease usually have narrowing in the small intestine. Consuming foods rich in fiber disrupts the functioning and leads to triggering symptoms of the disease. Therefore to avoid such situations, individuals must consume food which is less in fiber content and can be easily digested by the small intestine. Easy to digest yet nutritional foods include white bread, fruits, meats and cooked vegetables. Doctors advise that patients should consume less than ten to fifteen grams of fiber each day.

Increase your intake of fluids

Fluids are also an important part of the body. Water should be consumed by an individual in optimum amounts so that the body is kept hydrated and the toxins of the body can be easily washed away. Water is therefore a good source of nutrition for the body. Dehydration may occur from chronic diarrhea and can lead to effecting the functioning of the kidneys and resulting in weakness. Therefore drinking at least eight glasses of water daily is a good way of keeping the body hydrated and also to help prevent the disease.

Consuming supplements

It has often been found that individuals even after consuming the correct amount of food is not getting the desired nutrients retained in their body. This may be due to the small intestine which may not be able to break the food efficiently. For such individuals consuming vitamin or protein supplements can also be a good way to replenish the body with these vitamins and minerals. Consulting the doctor and taking these supplements is a good idea for many individuals. This will not only replenish the nutrients but will also help the body in combating the crohn’s disease and maintaining the good health of the person.

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