Health Benefits Of Flax Seeds

Flax seeds are used as edible oil, a substance in wood finishing products and also as a nutritional enhancement. It is the most liked ornamental plant found in a garden. Plant of flax seeds is used for many important utilizations with the Latin name usitatissimum which means very useful. It mentions to several traditional uses for a human being.

Varieties of flax seeds

Flax seeds are found in brown and yellow or olden type of varieties. We find an equal percentage of short chain omega 3 fatty acids and nutritional characteristics in most of the varieties. It has a peculiar type of yellow-colored flax called solid which is a very lower quantity of omega 3 fatty acids with a fully different oil profile. We find brown flax also palatable as the yellow seeds that have been there for millennia. It is an ingredient used in feeds for cattle, and in the painting industry. Flax seed oil or linseed oil are produced and extracted from flax seeds. It is one of the best commercial oil from ancient period and the best-dissolved type.

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This processed oil is in use from centuries identified as a drying oil in painting and varnishing. 100 gms of flax seed gives about 450 kilocalories 41 gms of fat, 20 gm of protein and 28 gms of fiber. Flax seeds sprouts are suitable to eat by adding little spicy flavor to it. More than the required intake of flax seeds with less water can cause blockage of bowels. In northern India flax seeds are known as “Tisi” are roasted, powdered eating with the combination of cooked rice, water and a required amount of salt in villages from the ancient period.

Need of temperature for flax seeds

Whole flax seeds are stable chemically where as ground flax seeds are rancid at room temperature within a week. If the ground flax seeds are refrigerated and stored in sealed containers then they are found safe from rancid for a long period, when we discuss about the commercial use of flax seeds in bakeries, the trained and practiced sensory panelists cannot find out the difference between bread made of freshly ground flax powder and bread made of only ground flax which is stored for four months at room temperature.

Natural phenolic glycosides

In commercial bread containing flax seeds; there are there phenolic glycosides found like secoisolariciresinol diglucoside, p-coumaric acid, and the last ferulic acid glucoside. There is the high level of dietary fiber in flax seeds and also lignans, more micronutrients, and omega3 fatty acids. It is particularly in women that flax seeds reduce the level of cholesterol. The recent studies advised that the individuals who have breast and prostrates cancer may be benefited by taking flax seeds on a diet.

High level of diabetes can be stabilized by increasingly using the flax seeds. Due to its laxative fiber content, there is some support from flax seeds to intestinal blockage. The efficacy of some oral prescriptions may impair consumption due to its more fiber consistency and have much of effects due to its neurotoxic cyanogen glycosides immune suppressive cyclic nonapeptides.

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Health Benefits With Honey

Honey can be defined as a natural sweetener. Honey generally produced from honey bees. Honey is nothing but nectar taken from flowers. Honey can be used as home medicine. It has similar properties to sugar. It consists of glucose & fructose. Honey gives a good flavor to recipes. It can be used in many food preparations such as baking & medicines also. Honey’s flavor changes depending upon the different sources of the nectar. Honey can be defined as hygroscopic. Hygroscopic means it can absorb water. It has a religious importance.

For an illustration, Hindus generally want to use honey in temples. In past days Jews also used honey. It is better not to give honey to infant babies because honey sometimes contains bacteria. These harmful bacteria sometimes can produce toxins in the intestines, it causes severe sickness. So it is better not to give honey to infant babies. Honey gives relief from many health problems.

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Some Benefits of Honey:

Energy Booster

Honey provides good energy as well as good taste. It provides good strength & stamina to the human beings body. Honey is useful in improving the function of physical activities such as exercises. Honey is helpful in increasing tolerance and lessens tiredness. Sportsmen generally use honey always. Honey contains fructose which is natural sugar. It offers good energy to the body. It is better to take a tablespoon of honey along with warm water or tea. It refreshes & gives good strength & energy to the body.

Strengthens Immune System

It strengths immune power in the body because honey consists of good antibacterial characteristics. It is helpful to fight against inflammations, infections & consequent diseases.

Heals Illness

Honey is helpful in healing many sicknesses.

1. Honey consists of medicinal characteristics. It is better to apply honey on burns, wounds & cuts to cure them quickly.

2. Honey consists of antimicrobial characteristics. Honey can be used as a medicine at home. Honey can cure throat problems. It is better to mix up honey with lemon & warm water. It avoids throat problems, especially it is better for singers.

3. Honey is a good medicine for insomnia. The people who suffer from insomnia can consume one tablespoon of honey along with one glass of milk. It enhances good sleep & it refreshes the body.

4. Honey gives relief from hangovers. It is very advantageous for a liver. It cleanses the alcohol residue from liver and makes it healthy.

5. Taking honey with lemon. Lemon is an old-fashioned that can useful in losing weight. Honey is a good substitute for a sugar it can be used instead of sugars. It gives natural sweetness to recipes & we can digest it easily. Honey consists of amino acids & minerals. It is useful to improve body metabolisms. Honey plays a key role in metabolisms of fats. Honey takes out the additional kilos by peeling the fat deposits & utilizing these as energy resources.

6. Honey consists of several medicinal values. Because of this property, in Ayurveda they use honey. A spoon full of honey combining with lukewarm water and with ¼ teaspoon of cinnamon is an effective medicine in curing sinuses & colds. Honey with black pepper & ginger is used to reduce a cough & sore throat. Mixing up a tablespoon of honey with holy basil leaves cures a severe cold especially in kids.

7. Honey is useful in reducing dehydration of the skin. Because of its moisturizing property, it can be applied on skins to reduce dehydration of skins. Honey mixed up with milk can be applied to the face. It is useful in smoothing & rejuvenating the skin.

8. Honey consists of rich antioxidants which throw out the free radicals from human beings body. Honey consists of anti-cancerous property. It is useful to prevent cancers.Honey consists of several medicinal properties. It can be used as diet as well as a remedy because of its medicinal properties. Really it is good for health.

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