The Gothic Look Hair

No gothic girl would look the part without the signature black locks. Of course, not everyone is born with the dark tresses needed to pull off the gothic persona. The obvious answer is hair dye but when it comes to using chemicals to color your hair, black is one shade you’ll want to make sure looks perfect.

Thinking of going black to suit your gothic mood? There are a few steps you’ll want to follow so that you successfully pull off the look. If it is your first time dying your hair, you may want to visit a professional hair colorist to do the job for you. Be sure to bring a photo of a celebrity or model with the type of hair and color you want to try. Remember to take into account your hair type and the health of it.

The dye can be stressful on hair so if you want to commit to black tresses, you’ll want to beef up your hair care routine to include deep conditioning treatments as well as regular trims to keep away split ends. Want your hair color to be permanent? Then use permanent dye but only if you are sure you won’t get tired of it. If you change your mind later on, stripping the color out or dying it to another shade may prove difficult.

To play it safe, try a temporary shade of black that will gradually come out with each wash. This will allow you to really know if you can handle having black hair. From there you can decide if you want to do a permanent color or stick with your natural shade.

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However, if you do end up getting a permanent black dye job done but want to get rid of it, the healthiest way is to let your hair naturally grow out until your regular hair color comes in. While it may not be very appealing looks-wise, this method will let your hair safely grow out the color without the need for more chemicals or bleach to strip the blackout.

Surprisingly, having black hair is not the only style that is associated with the gothic girl look. “Punk” or “emo” hairstyles also work for the gothic gals. If you really love colors and expressing yourself, you can turn to crazy, bright shades like greens, purples or reds.

Streaks are ideal, especially against black locks. Some gothic girls wear their hair stick-straight, while others like to grow dreadlocks, add intricate braids or simply let their hair go wild and crazy. The last thing a Goth girl cares about is if every strand of hair is in place. So if you’re the type who just wants to get up and go without a care, the gothic look will work in your favor!

Not sure if you want to do a bunch of crazy stuff to your hair? Try faking it. You can get synthetic hair extensions with crazy colors or even clip-on extensions to give your hair the gothic appearance. This alternative will let you experiment as you please without having to commit to one look longer than you care to.

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