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In many ways, this is an incredible time to be a cook. The public has taken an interest in our traditionally blue-collar trade, opening doors previous generations could never have imagined. But the more attention our industry receives from television, film, newspapers, magazines and the Internet, the less clear it becomes what it means to cook. A path to celebrity, a means of attaining fortune – the past decade has given rise to a great many things that we know cooking is not. Our goal for MAD4 is to remind ourselves what cooking is. Follow the latest news here and on on the MADFeed.



The MADFEED is the voice of the team at MAD and the community behind it.
Through this community blog we keep you current with all that is happening at MADHQ, whilst highlighting on issues within food that we consider relevant and important to discuss. Furthermore, we throw our own spotlight on individuals we think are interesting, forward-thinking and doing their part to affect positive change around them. Read more


MAD3 / Guts feat. Chang & Lucky Peach

The sold-out MAD3 took place on Sunday 25 and Monday 26 of August 2013, in a circus tent on Refshaleøen in Copenhagen. The event was co-curated by Momofuku chef and founder David Chang and the editors of Lucky Peach Magazine. The theme of the symposium was guts, and together we asked our speakers to approach the subject from every angle, to explore all its forms, so that MAD could be a venue in which we could reflect on the stories and ideas that no one usually dares or gets an opportunity to tell. You can see photos and a recap of the event on our MADFEED.

MAD2 / Appetite

During the initial MAD Symposium, we delved into the theme of vegetation. For the second, we turned our attention from the natural world onto the internal one – from the world of plants onto the person. Appetite connects the outer world with our inner needs. Appetite keeps us curious, it compels us to explore the world with our senses: our ability to taste, touch, smell, see and to think. As chefs, we work and live through appetite – it is our natural habitat. Knowing the techniques of our craft, the science of cooking or the seasons of produce is of course valuable, but we aimed to deepen our understanding even further. We wanted investigate the intuition that drives our everyday routine and inspires creativity – that is essential to producing a fundamentally good meal.