PhenQ Review 2018

In this article you will read: what is PhenQ, how to use it, its ingredients, benefits, side effects, customer reviews, packages, prices, where to buy it, pros & cons.

Product info

Name: PhenQ
Category: Fat Burners, Weight Loss
Price: Starts at $69.95
Author: Robert James Rivera
Our verdict: (4.8 / 5)


Have trouble losing weight?

Tired of buying products that just don’t work as advertised?

What if we told you we have something here that may just answer every weight loss problem you have?

The fat burner is called PhenQ and it claims to not only suppress appetite, but also ignite your fat burning processes to make sure you lose weight effectively.

Want to know if this product is for you?

Check out our PhenQ review below.

What Is PhenQ?

what is

PhenQ is supplied and manufactured by WOLFSON BERG LIMITED.

This company states they are proud in leading the supplements industry for over a decade.

A young company, but already a leader!

PhenQ is described as a weight loss pill that puts emphasis on many facets of weight loss and not just a typical appetite suppressant.

They’re also proud of having helped over 190,000 customers!

  • Quality fat burners. It passes the eye test well enough and we look forward to reviewing the ingredients.
  • Clean label. We see everything in the formula, unlike other supplements that hide their ingredient doses..
  • Available in 3 sizes. 30 day, 90 day, and 150 day supplies, with the third size coming in with a freebie. We like deals like that!

In addition to what we stated, the company also has a money back guarantee:

Yes, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee, so you have nothing to lose but your weight. Simply return any unused PhenQ in its original packaging within 67 days of receiving your order and we’ll give you a full refund, excluding any shipping charges.

How To Use It?

1 tablet with breakfast and 1 tablet with lunch.



The ingredients in PhenQ are incorporated for the sole purpose of boosting your metabolic rate so you can burn more calories than the average person.

This means not only will you lose weight, you’ll also have more energy throughout the day!

Calcium Carbonate

Calcium Carbonate is originally used in chalk and other powders that require a high quality bulking agent, but recent research suggest it might have some benefits for weight loss, but the effects are minimal:

In conclusion the major present findings reveal that a calorie restricted diet with intake of 1 g/d calcium supplementation as the carbonate, for 24 weeks does not significantly lead to alteration in body weight, fat and lean mass.

Coincidentally, some scientists agree that if an experiment were to be conducted on a long period of time, the effects might be much more significant than short-term test results:

In summary, an antiobesity effect of calcium reported by others during weight-stable conditions led us to hypothesize that supplemental calcium during caloric restriction would enhance loss of body weight and fat. Although we did not find a statistically significant effect of supplemental calcium on fat or body weight in obese women undergoing moderate weight loss, the direction of change suggests that over a longer period of time and with a larger number of subjects a reliable effect might be observed.

Supplement facts say we have 625 mg of this and we think it’s a strategic move considering calcium carbonate is not as pricey as the following ingredients.

Caffeine Anhydrous

The world’s favorite drug is here to get you ready and pump you up for a good day in the gym!

Being a stimulant, it works by not just feeding your brain the necessary chemicals for you to wake up and for your heart to pump more blood, it also helps trigger lipolysis similar to how synephrine does it.

We have 150 mg of this which is almost two cups of coffee.

L-Carnitine Fumarate

L-Carnitine is one of the most popular and commercial fat burners available today.

L-Carnitine is a naturally-occurring amino acid which transports fatty acids across the membrane of the mitochondria (an organelle found in cells which converts fats and carbohydrates into energy).

Long story short, your body burns fat stores and converts it into energy with the help of l-carnitine. This process is known as fatty acid oxidation or beta-oxidation.

Studies say it doesn’t work on its own; you gotta at least help it out or the ingredient won’t do you any good. We quote:

The short term administration of l-carnitine has shown performance enhancing properties even under calorie restriction. This implies that if given for a longer period it may exert a pronounced effect.

We have 142.5 mg which is kinda small, but is nice to have anyway.

α-Lacys Reset®

This is pretty new. We did some research and found out that a-Lacys Reset is a patented synergistic combination of ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) and Cysteine.

Their website describes a-Lacys Reset’s process:

a-Lacys Reset modulates cell redox (reduction and oxidation) balance by controlling and neutralizing more radicals, dramatically related to intense training, aging and general disorders.

We know it contains ALA and it’s shown to provide small yet significant weight loss compared to patients taking nothing. We quote the study:

Alpha-lipoic acid treatment showed small, yet significant short-term weight loss compared with placebo. Further research is needed to examine the effect of different doses and the long-term benefits of ALA on weight management.


This is a type of fiber from the nopal cactus. Fiber is known to help curb your appetite and delay the onset of hunger. The less time you spend eating, the less food you eat, and the more you will lose weight.

Being fiber, it also helps in excretion which makes you lose more dietary fat. This study concludes:

In our study, the administration of cactus fiber resulted in significant increases of dietary fat excretion in the feces. This finding confirmed the in vivo fat-binding capability of cactus fiber; furthermore, it supports the hypothesis that its weight loss effect is achieved by reducing dietary fat absorption, which leads to lower energy intake and promotes weight loss.

Capsicum Extract

Capsicum extract helps promote thermogenesis, as in when we eat hot peppers we feel hot and sweaty. Since the compound produces heat, it helps break down fat in the form of thermogenesis.

Dose is just 8 mg, but the fact that it’s an extract means its potency should be enough to augment our fat burning efforts.

Piperine Extract

This is the active ingredient in black pepper. Supplements mostly use it to add a little extra fat burning to the mix, but its main function is to enhance compound absorption which can make even a small-dosed supplement pretty potent.

In a 1998 study, researchers agree that piperine more than increased curcumin bioavailability by up to 2000%!

The study states:

Concomitant administration of piperine 20 mg produced much higher concentrations from 0.25 to 1 h post drug, the increase in bioavailability was 2000%. The study shows that in the dosages used, piperine enhances the serum concentration, extent of absorption and bioavailability of curcumin in both rats and humans with no adverse effects.

Chromium Picolinate

This wonderful fat burner can work in teeny, tiny doses which makes it a great addition in any appetite suppressant. It’s main goal is to reduce appetite through blood sugar control and maintain insulin levels.

Balancing insulin and blood sugar can lead to appetite suppression.

One study cites:

Human participants receiving chromium picolinate reduced food intake, hunger levels, and fat cravings, as compared to participants receiving placebo. Our human data were supported by animal studies demonstrating that chromium picolinate suppressed food intake, particularly following central administration. These studies indicate that exogenous administration of chromium picolinate suppresses food intake, particularly when administered in large doses.

Formula Analysis

formula analysis

PhenQ mixes known and advanced ingredients to help boost your fat burning efforts.

We like simple formulas and the fact that PhenQ makes use of a formula that we can still count with our two hands gives off a positive vibe. The ingredients used weren’t too fancy, but it did include some notable premiums such as a-Lacy and piperine.

The goal of the supplement is to prepare you body for accelerated fat burning and it does so through increased metabolism and energy levels. This is a time-tested combo of fat burners and we really like the idea of sticking to the basics.

There is definitely synergy here, particularly with caffeine and L-carnitine as these two have been proven to work well together for weight loss. Sprinkling some piperine into the mix makes this formula many times more potent which then translates to it being many times more effective than it looks.

We like what we see, and we like that the instructions are simple enough. This is definitely one fat burner that won’t go away anytime soon.


Lots of energy and appetite control. The fact that you have more energy can mean you have more reasons to work out which can double the effect of the fat burner.

Side Effects

side effects

The clear side effects are attributed to stimulants which are palpitations and sweating, specially if you’re sensitive to caffeine and other stimulants.

You might experience sweating or feeling of warmth, but it just means the product is working.

Is It A Scam?

Definitely not a scam.

PhenQ Reviews & Complaints

customer review

Here are some of the reviews we found. Let’s begin with negative ones.

Laura Echere:

It does not decrease your appetite,7 friends tried the product but none of us registered success.please try another product.

Michelle Cesarano:

Does not work . Did not increase my energy , I had the same amount as I usually do at the gym and home. Did not see much of a change after almost a month of taking it . It also gave my a very sharp pain in my side , when I stopped taking it the pain subsided. I do not recommend wasting your money on this product. Phentynal I heard works much better.

There were some gems, though, and these came from verified purchases.

Timmy Briggs:

I was a bit skeptical at first about this pill. I had heard so many stories about people who have had major side effects while using diet pills. So yes, I became scared to use any diet pill for that reason. But it is safe to say that this brand is one of the best and safest in the market. I have been on it for only a month and so far no side effects. I have lost 5 pounds and will definitely purchase a second bottle.

Michelle Price:

I have weight issues ever since my teenage days and i have tried almost everything just to lose 5 pounds. I have tried dieting and that was tough for me, I also tried working out but I was too heavy and would get tired fast so I gave up easily. My doctor was concerned with my health and suggested I try diet pills, this diet pill. I have only used it for two months and have lost 2 pounds. It’s a start and I am happy with the results. Will continue to use this product till I get to my goal.


I can’t believe how great I feel and look. The extra weight that I had put on the last several years was really starting to cause health issues. My cholesterol was high, as well as my blood pressure. This supplement has been helping me lose the extra weight and keep it off. I love how I feel when I go to the gym. The energy is so great that I can go to the gym for two hours of intense exercises without feeling fatigued while initially I could not last 30 minutes of extreme work out.


Have been using this product for nearly a week and have really liked it so far, I have great energy which is what I was hoping for, especially since I go to the gym after a long 8 hrs day at the office. I have tried other pills and drinks that have made me feel terrible and I am happy to say that this one is surprisingly working so far with no side effects.

Packages, Prices & Where To Buy It

  • 1 bottle: $ 69.95 (free shipping) | TOTAL SAVINGS: $10.00
  • 2 bottles + 1 FREE: $139.90 (free shipping) | TOTAL SAVINGS: $100.00
  • BEST DEAL! 4 bottles + 2 FREE + FREE Advana Cleanse: $189.95 (free shipping) | TOTAL SAVINGS: $210.00

Where to buy PhenQ?

We recommend to avoid places like Amazon, Walmart, GNC, or Walgreens.

Buy PhenQ at official website only, so you can be sure that you get an original product with 60 day moneyback guarantee.

This product is avaliable worldwide, including countries like: USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, France, Spain or Italy.

See below how the official site looks like.

phenq official website

Pros & Cons


  • Quality formula. Each ingredient was up to their best forms for efficiency and absorption.
  • a-Lacy. This helps promote fat oxidation and more fat oxidation equals more fat burning!
  • Increased bioavailability. It means the product works better.
  • Safe dosing. The dosing is just enough for the right effects. Nothing too extreme here, folks.
  • Money back guarantee. At least you know you can return it if you’re not happy.


  • Not available anywhere else. This is really the thing that irks us, but it’s a minor concern.

Final Words

Our PhenQ review dug deep into the facts and we’re just blown away at what we saw.

First, it didn’t try to be some sort of super fat burner which is always a good thing as over advertising a product can lead to wrong speculations and false hope.

The second thing we love about it is how it makes use of quality products that are all within the realm of scientific fact.

Lastly, we like how the formula promotes synergy with each serving, ensuring maximum absorption and fat burning everyday!

We laid out the facts, will you buy it? Comment below and tell us what you think!


Product Name: PhenQ

Product Description: PhenQ is a dietary supplement produced by Bauer Nutrition. According to the company website this product helps elevate mood, boost energy levels, burn off stored fat, suppress appetite and block the production of fat.

Price: 69.95

Currency: $

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