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In this article you will read: what is Keranique Hair Regrowth System, how to use it, its ingredients, benefits, side effects, customer reviews, packages, prices, where to buy it, pros & cons.

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Name: Keranique
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Author: Jenny Abouobaia
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Hair loss is not exclusive to men, it can happen to women too. It is thought there are about 21 million women that suffer from hair loss.

There are many factors that can cause hair loss in women. These include medical conditions, hormone changes during pregnancy or menopause or age. Stress, lifestyle factors and your genes can play a role too.

Many of us may wish we had the long glossy tresses of the Kardashian girls. In reality when your hair starts thinning, where do you turn for help.

Keranique is a hair regrowth system that promises a multi-targeted approach designed to help women regrow thicker, longer, stronger healthy hair.

Can this be true? Let’s delve in a bit deeper.

What Is Keranique?

what is

The company that produces this product is International Hair Institute LLC and it is marketed by Atlantic Coast Brands. It has celebrity endorsement from Dr Sonia Basra, a regular guest host on The Doctors TV Show.

The company markets its product via infomercials on national TV. There are a lot of “before and after” pictures on their website.

The system comprises four products, a shampoo, conditioner, lift and repair treatment spray and a hair regrowth treatment.

They claim to be The #1 Hair Regrowth System For Women in the U.S.A” . They further claim:

The Complete Keranique Hair Regrowth System is a four piece kit that marries both the science of a clinically proven hair regrowth treatment with true premium hair care for thicker, fuller, healthier-looking, more manageable and more beautiful hair instantly.

Is there any substance in these claims? Let’s look at the products offered and what they contain.

Product List

As we mentioned there are four products in the range. They are:

Scalp Stimulating Shampoo

This is a sulfate-free shampoo and claims to be designed especially for thinning hair to gently deep clean and stimulate the scalp. It also claims to nourish and rejuvenate the hair follicles.

Volumizing Keratin Conditioner

A conditioner that apparently penetrates hair to help thicken every strand and repair the outer protective layer. It can help reduce frizz and breakage, mend split ends and restore shine.

Lift and Repair Treatment Spray

This may add volume, lift, fullness, body and bounce to your hair.

Hair Regrowth Treatment

Claims to be designed exclusively for women’s unique body chemistry. It will apparently address hair rejuvenation and offer hair regrowth with continued use.



The sulfate free shampoo, conditioner and treatment spray do not contain any ingredients that pertain specifically to hair regrowth. They do contain:

  • Keratin: this has been shown to stimulate hair growth.
  • Antioxidants: may protect the hair from UV damage.

The only product that contains an ingredient that has been shown to help with hair loss is the Hair Regrowth Treatment. This contains;

  • Minoxidil: this is an FDA approved ingredient safe up to 5%. There is 2% in this product. This has been shown to be effective in hair regrowth.

It is worth noting that while Minoxidil is FDA approved, Keranique is not.

How Does This System Work?

formula analysis

The company describes this as a 3 step system.

Step One

Use the Shampoo and conditioner to cleanse the hair and reinvigorate the scalp.

They claim their formulas are specific to the needs of thinning hair.

They may thicken, strengthen and help repair the hair shaft.

They may also reduce frizz and breakage, mend split ends and restore shine.

Step Two

The Regrowth Treatment which contains Minoxidil should be applied to thinning areas.

This is the only product that contains an ingredient proven to combat hair loss.

It has a patented Easy Precision Sprayer to target the area where it is needed.

Step Three

The Lift and Repair Spray claims to have a combination of treatment and styling product to add lift and shine to your hair.

It also states that their revolutionary formula has been proven by a third party clinical study to give 24 hour frizz control and mend 96% of split ends.

I have been unable to find whether this study has been published.

Suffice to say, while you can help split ends look better, once they are split they cannot be fixed.

Side Effects

side effects

There may be some ingredients which can cause itching or irritation if the scalp.

As with anything new it is advisable to do a patch test first.

Customers report warnings on the packaging that the Hair Regrowth Treatment.

This product containing Minoxidil should not be used:

  • If you have heart disease. It could cause chest pain, rapid heartbeat, faintness, and dizziness!
  • If you have no family history of hair loss and you do not know the reason for hair loss.

Keranique Reviews & Complaints

customer review

The company is registered with the Better Business Bureau. It has an A+ rating, despite having 175 complaints and 9 negative reviews.

Reviews of these products are mixed. There are few reviews of the system as a whole.

So let’s look at the ones for the Hair Regrowth Treatment.

Of 235 reviews on Amazon it is rated 3.4* with 57 percent above average and 43 percent average or below.

Some customers are very pleased with the results they have seen.

Jackie Southerland writes:

After an illness, I lost a lot of my hair. Keranique helped my hair grow back over several months. It definitely works. I was out of it for two months and I started losing hair again. I have noticed since I started using it again, I have no hair loss in my brush.

There are many others that write in the same vein.

Judy reports:

I really can’t say enough good things about this product. I had seen it advertised and couldn’t imagine that it would work but as anyone that has thinning hair knows – you will try anything. Well it’s been almost 3 weeks and what a difference! Even my husband is impressed. I’m feeling so much better about myself!!!

On the other end of the scale there are many people who have seen no benefit from using this product.

Irene C writes:

I used the product for 3 months, along with the shampoo and conditioner, and saw no results. It was a very expensive experiment.

There are many customers who complain of irritation of the scalp. There are also some that claim the product made their hair loss worse.

Then there are numerous comments about the payments and auto shipping. Their marketing strategies are also questioned.

Sandra P writes:

Keranique marketing is very deceptive in nature. They do not blatantly come out and tell you the full amount that you will be charged for the product. In order to cancel your membership, you have to garner the remaining balance of your order. In regards to the effectiveness of the product, I did not notice a difference in my hair. But, Keranique needs to stop preying on innocent women.

We will look at the auto ship process in a bit more detail in a moment.

Packages, Prices & Where To Buy

You can buy this product direct online from the company website. It is also available at other online and retail outlets like Amazon and Sephora.

The cost direct from the company is:

  • Keranique Hair Regrowth System: $49.95

This includes: Hair Regrowth Treatment, Scalp Stimulating Shampoo, Volumizing Keratin Conditioner, Lift & Repair Treatment Spray, Plus 3 Exclusive Bonus Gifts (Micro-Exfoliating Follicle Revitalizing Mask, $50 Reward Gift Card, 2-Piece Styling Kit: Hair Defense Brush & Hair Detangling Comb).

Shipping and handling is free.


To benefit from this offer you must agree to the companies auto ship programme.

This means that after 30 days you will be a 3 month supply every 90 days. Your credit card will be charged each time they despatch products, so a 3 month supply will cost $149.85.

You may cancel this at any time by calling their customer service department.

See below how the official site looks like.

keranique official website

Refunds & Returns

The company offers a 120 day money back guarantee on this particular offer. This excludes shipping and handling.

It appears there are other offers from time to time so check when you purchase how long your guarantee will be.

You have to contact Customer Service to obtain a return number.

You then have 2 weeks to return any used or unused product, including empty containers.

Pros & Cons


  • Readily available online or at retail outlets.
  • It may help with hair regrowth.
  • May improve the thickness, volume and shine of hair.
  • It contains Minoxidil in one product, which has been clinically proven to help with hair loss.
  • It comes as a complete set.
  • 120 day money back guarantee.


  • You have to agree to an auto ship programme.
  • May cause hair loss.
  • High price point.
  • May not be suitable for all people. Check with your doctor if you are unsure.

Final Verdict

There are many people that have found that this system works for them. It has helped with hairloss and thinning hair. On the flipside there are also many that found this product did not work for them. Some even report more hair loss.

The Hair Regrowth Treatment does include 2% Minoxidil, an ingredient that is FDA approved for the treatment of hair loss. There are however other products on the market that include the same or higher strength of this ingredient.

You have to agree to an auto ship programme when you purchase from the company website. You may be better off purchasing from a retailer. The downside of this is you don’t get the money back guarantee.

As a man when you start losing hair, there are options open to you. You can cut your hair really short or cover up with a hat.

For women, our hair is our crowning glory. It’s not so easy to hide thinning hair. It may be this product will work for you and restore your luscious locks.

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Product Name: The Complete Keranique Hair Regrowth System

Product Description: The Complete Keranique Hair Regrowth System is a four piece kit designed specifically for women with fine, weak and thinning hair, that claiming to stimulate healthy hair growth and treat hair loss.

Price: 49.95

Currency: $

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