Cellucor CLK Review 2018

In this article you will read: what is Cellucor CLK, how to use it, its ingredients, benefits, side effects, customer reviews, packages, prices, where to buy it, pros & cons.

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Product info

Name: Cellucor CLK
Category: Fat Burners, Weight Loss
Price: Starts at $29.99
Author: Elizabeth Bruce
Our verdict: (4.4 / 5)


Tired of complicated weight loss supplement regimens?

If you’re looking for a simple, all-in-one solution to weight loss, Cellucor CLK claims to have the product you need.

Cellucor CLK is a weight loss supplement for toning and sculpting and it is stimulant free.

Here are some of the things it claims to do:

  • Helps with toning and sculpting the body
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Breaks down body fat
  • Suppresses appetite
  • Aids with weight management

We did a complete review of the product to determine if it lives up to its claims.

Continue reading to see what we found out.

What Is Cellucor CLK?

what is

Cellucor CLK is a weight loss supplement created without stimulants.

It is sold by a company of the same name, Cellucor located in Bryan, TX.



The Cellucor CLK formula markets itself as a simplified composition containing only the very best essential ingredients.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

An omega fatty acid believed to play a role in promoting lean muscle tissue growth while reducing stored fat cells by using them as a source of energy.

L-Carnitine Tartrate

Also known as propionyl-L-carnitine or L-carnitine, this amino acid is stored in the human body, especially in the muscles.

It promotes the oxidation of fatty acids, producing energy and reducing the formation of free radicals.

It functions much like an antioxidant and may contribute to faster recovery after working out.

Raspberry Ketones

A natural phenolic compound that may promote fat metabolism.

Raspberry Ketones are known to increase lipolysis (the breakdown of fat), by increasing cell sensitivity to the effects of norepinephrine, the fat burning hormone.

It also promotes the release of adiponectin which is believed to play a role in regulating blood sugar levels.

Fish Protein Hydrolysates

This ingredient, derived from Blue Whiting fish, provides amino acids that protect lean muscle tissue.

There is evidence that these FPHs improve body composition, repair muscles and tissue, and help control appetite.

They may also play a role in blood glucose control.

How Does It Work

formula analysis

Cellucor CLK focuses on four main ingredients that tackle the most crucial aspects of weight loss.

It reduces appetite and cravings, increases energy, breaks down fat and develops lean muscle mass.

How To Use It

Cellucor CLK comes in soft gel form and should be taken once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

They recommend taking 3 capsules twice a day.

Side Effects

side effects

There are several ingredients in Cellucor CLK that can cause a variety of side effects.

There have been some reports of raspberry ketone users experiencing weakness, restlessness, insomnia, chest pains, headaches and nausea.

There have also been reports of allergic reactions to raspberry ketone-based supplements, with symptoms including itching, rashes, trouble breathing and a racing heart-rate.

CLA has been reported to cause stomach upset, diarrhea, nausea and fatigue, and increase triglyceride levels.

L-Carnitine Tartrate can cause nausea, vomiting, stomach upset, heartburn, diarrhea, and seizures. It can also cause the urine, breath, and sweat to have a “fishy” odor.

Is It A Scam?

The product contains well-known ingredients backed by some evidence-based science.

So NO, it is not a scam!

Cellucor CLK Reviews & Complaints

customer review

There are thousands of reviews for this product.

Of 6987 reviews on Amazon, 73% are 4 and above giving it a 3.9 rating out of 5 overall.

Here are some reviews from Amazon that may be helpful.

Katrina Rasmussen writes:

I lost about 30lbs taking these pills. I do diet but I don’t exercise. It took about 3 months. I plan on taking them for another 3 months in order to reach my goal. I eat three meals a day but don’t really snack.

Just try to eat healthy and I’m sure if you exercised you would get better results than me but I just physically can’t exercise so I’m just strict with my diet. Good luck!

Amazon customer writes:

DISCLAIMER: My first time every purchasing/ using a pre work out.

I have taken this product a few times but every time it makes me feel super tingly all over and on the rare occasion gives me the runs! When it doesnt give me the runs it does really give me the energy i need to power through my work outs after a long day of work!

Im not sure I would buy this again because I do want to try other products out there! The taste is great doesnt taste like chemicals or anything and mixes easy in water

Meggy56 writes:

These have always been my go to for workouts! Nothing compares to Cellucor out of everything I’ve tried. I don’t feel overly jittery like other brands that make me feel like I’m just loaded with caffeine and end up making me lightheaded. These give you all the focus and motivation you need!

Cardio is my least favorite but I zip thru it like nothing and have a noticeable difference in distance and time compared to when I don’t take them. Another bonus is I don’t feel as sore the next day even with weight training.

Alex G. says:

There are definitely better products out there to stimulate weight loss. Did not notice an increase of energy or focus to any extent, if at all. Nothing bad to say about this product, but no significant change in my weight even with a diet proved to me that this supplement was not as effective as it claims to be. Would reccomend looking elsewhere 6/10.

John X says:

I took this while simultaneously doing P90X and body beast and using my fitness pal to only eat a diet of 1500 cal a day. Given that intense fat loss routine — I assumed that this product would help me lose weight – instead I lost 0 pounds while using it. I found that it made me nauseous, increased my appetite, and gave me digestive problems – and also made me feel lethargic. It’s a complete gimmick. It’s going to be off the market within a year.

On top of that wrong doing – the product is prohibitively expensive and if you take the recommended dosage — it only last 10 days! This is capitalism and diet fad marketing at its absolute worst – don’t waste your time. It’s absolutely criminal that this is allowed to be sold to the public. Isn’t there anyone regulating diet supplements? Special raspberry ingredients? Incredulous nonsense.

Packages, Prices & Where To Buy It

Cellucor CLK can be bought direct from the official website: cellucor.com.

The product comes in 2 different sizes.

Check the prices below.

  • 1 bottle (60 capsules): $29.99
  • 1 bottle (90 capsules): $39.99

You have to add $5.00 to the total price for Shipping & Handling.

But you can get it for FREE on purchases over $50.00.

See below how the official site looks like.

Cellucor CLK official website

Return/Refund Policy

The company only accepts returns if purchase directly from their site.

There is a 30-day full money back guarantee.

Pros & Cons


  • There are thousands of reviews online.
  • There are no stimulants.
  • The reviews are overwhelmingly positive.
  • The ingredients are well-known and clear.


  • Neither bottle will last a month so multiple bottles must be purchased monthly.
  • The company does not provide much information.
  • Several ingredients have a risk of negative side effects.
  • The effectiveness of some ingredients are not supported by strong evidence.
  • Requirement to take 6 softgels daily can prove challenging.

Final Words

Full money back guarantee.

The overwhelming majority of reviews are positive.

There are thousands of reviews.

Most of the ingredients are backed by evidence-based science.

We laid out the facts, will you buy it? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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Product Name: Cellucor CLK

Product Description: Cellucor CLK is a stimulant-free fat loss supplement. More specifically, it is a toning and sculpting formula that comes in the form of a softgel which dissolves quickly to take effect fast.

Price: 29.99

Currency: $

User Review
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Do you know any other alternative to Cellucor CLK?

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