TOP 3: Best Testosterone Boosters Reviews 2018

Father time has his way with every man. As we age, we lose strength, vigor, we start to have more visible wrinkles, and we feel like we’re not supposed to be moving much.

Ageing also takes away our precious testosterone and we all don’t want anyone taking our precious testosterone away.

This is why we supplement, taking weird herbs, powders, and even some medical grade drug to slow down the progress of time so we can have more manly years ahead of us.

Because of the need to feel manly past forty, the supplement industry has come up with a solution in the form of testosterone boosters.

With great demand comes great supply, however, and unfortunately the market is all but saturated with products that are only out to get money from you.

We all need the right supplement for our lives, so we did you guys a favor and ranked what we think are the Top 3 Testosterone Boosters in the market today.

That’s right: we narrowed hundreds of products to just three super awesome. Read on to find out why they’re great and where you can buy them.

Ranking: Best Testosterone Supplements of 2018

1. Prime Male (4.9 / 5)

prime male main photo

Prime Male has successfully proven itself as the best among the best when it comes to testosterone boosting.

With a loyal following as well as hard evidence to back up their formula, it has become the standard when it comes to testosterone and nale sexual health.

This supplement offers a quality formula, potent and premium ingredients, and formula synergy – three things so few achieve in the supplement industry as a whole.

What is it?

This product makes use of 12 ingredients, all of which are popular among testosterone supplement fanatics.

Based on what we’re seeing off the box, it seems Prime Male’s research team have truly done their job at concocting what everybody believes to be the perfect testosterone booster – particularly for guys on the wrong side of 30.

They claim to:

  • Build lean muscle: get stronger faster.
  • Become a stud not a dud: shift your libido into high gear.
  • Shed excess weight: especially belly fat.
  • Achieve optimal cardiovascular health: control your blood pressure.
  • Avoid insulin resistance: regulate your blood sugar.
  • Overcome fatigue: increase your energy.
  • Improve mood: gain new confidence.
  • Sharpen your mind: enhance cognitive function.
Ingredient List

Here are Prime Male’s top 5 ingredients

D-Aspartic Acid as D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate

D-Aspartic Acid as D-Aspartic Acid Calcium Chelate. This ingredient is Prime Male’s driving force as well as the one ingredient recognized by many to be the best at the testosterone boosting game. It’s relatively new as a testosterone booster, but men are starting to grasp its big potential:

One early human clinical study showed that DAA supplementation for 12 days was associated with a 42% increase in blood testosterone levels and a 33% increase in the test-helper Luteinizing Hormone (LH).

D-AA-CC is the premium form which greatly increases bioavailability and generally is leagues better than plain DAA. The 1,600 mg weight is too good at this point.

Vitamin B6

We all know B vitamins are great for overall health, but B6 in particular supports male sex hormone production – and we’re not just talking about testosterone here.

P-5-P is a premium form of B6 and is exactly the form the body readily absorbs.

Mucuna Pruriens

This ingredient provides L-Dopa, a compound that works by blocking prolactin (and girl hormone) while maxing out testosterone enzymes.


As a testosterone booster, this ingredient is known to work by preventing SHBG, an anti-testosterone compound, from getting its way in your body.


This is one ingredient we consider top of the line and works in any supplement. What it does is makes ANY compound 10x more bioavailable regardless of dosage.

How it works

It works by stimulating testosterone production from the cellular level. Meaning, Prime Male activates the thyroid hormones to produce more testosterone naturally.

It also creates a “haven” for testosterone production through promoting male sexual health.

The combination of a hard dosage of D-AA-CC and BioPerine (among other ingredients) means every milligram of the super testosterone booster is utilized.

Pricing & Buying Info

Prime Male can be purchased through their official webiste. See the prices below.

  • 1 box (1 month supply): $69.00 (+ Shipping)
  • 2 boxes (2 months supply): $138.00 (FREE USA & UK Shipping)
  • BEST DEAL! 3 boxes + 1 free (4 months supply): $207.00 (FREE Worldwide Shipping)

2. TestoFuel (4.8 / 5)

testofuel main photo

TestoFuel is what you get when you combine a premium testosterone booster and a gym supplement. Not only can it boost overall testosterone production, but also let the user experience better lifts and performance when they work out.

The only reason it comes in second is due to the “generic” names it made use for its ingredients. We’re not saying they’re bad or useless, it’s just Prime Male covered the premium feel while TestoFuel went for value over brand name.

Regardless, it’s still quite a potent testosterone booster and many would probably use this over Prime Male if only because a lot of guys lift nowadays.

What is it?

TestoFuel is clear-labeled testosterone booster that claims to have the essential formula that will help bodybuilders to shatter plateaus and pack on bigger gains.

And it does so by way of increasing testosterone plus using an array of performance-enhancing herbs.

It has optimum servings for many of their ingredients which guarantee a working dose with every use.

Ingredient List

Here are TestoFuel’s top 5 ingredients.

D-Aspartic Acid

Also known as DAA, it’s an amino acid that promotes testosterone release and synthesis with studies showing a 42% jump in serum testosterone in just 12 days!

In humans we found that with the consumption of a daily dose of 10 ml of 2 M sodium D-aspartate solution (3.12 g) for 12 consecutive days, the levels of luteinizing hormone and testosterone in the serum were significantly increased, by 33% and 42% respectively.

We like that we have 2.3 grams of the good stuff, but it would’ve been so much better if they also made use of the D-AA-CC form which is much more potent than plain DAA.

Zinc and Magnesium

Zinc is only second to DAA. Zinc has been shown to not just help testosterone-deficient men have more testosterone, but also help reverse hypogonadism, a condition that causes testosterone deficiency.

Magnesium may not be as potent as Zinc, but studies also point to its pro-testosterone properties particularly on increasing both free and total testosterone.

Zinc supplementation of marginally zinc-deficient normal elderly men for six months resulted in an increase in serum testosterone from 8.3 +/- 6.3 to 16.0 +/- 4.4 nmol/L (p = 0.02). We conclude that zinc may play an important role in modulating serum testosterone levels in normal men.

The free plasma testosterone levels increased at exhaustion before and after supplementation compared to resting levels. Exercise also increased testosterone levels relative to sedentary subjects. Similar increases were observed for total testosterone. Our results show that supplementation with magnesium increases free and total testosterone values in sedentary and in athletes.


This herb supports testosterone, sex drive, muscle growth and endurance. Fenugreek’s hybrid test-performance-endurance benefits are a perfect fit in a testosterone product designed with bodybuilders and athletes in mind.

It’s a great herb for muscle growth according to this 2010 study:

Based on the results of the study, we conclude that daily supplementation of 500 mg of the commercially available fenugreek supplement (Torabolic(tm)) in conjunction with an eight week, structured resistance training program can significantly increase upper- and lower-body strength, reduce body fat percentage, and thus improve overall body composition when compared to a placebo group under identical experimental protocols.

Oyster extract

Oysters are naturally rich in dietary zinc and while TestoFuel already has Zinc in the ingredients, the extract provides some of the initial raw materials needed for testosterone production to start.

How it works

DAA at 2.3 grams is a certified massive dose, capable of enhancing testosterone production and reversing signs of testosterone deficiency. Zinc, Magnesium, and Vitamins D3 and K2 further support what DAA started and synergizes with each other creating an environment that is purely testosterone-friendly.

TestoFuel’s formula is not just about boosting testosterone. Aside from it, this supplement was also designed for those who want to gain more muscle as evidenced by its Fenugreek and Panax ginseng additions. This means if you want to really capitalize on this supplement, you gotta lift hard iron

Price and Packages

TestoFuel can be purchases through their official site. See the prices below.

  • 1 bottle (1 month supply): $65.00 (+ Shipping)
  • 2 bottles (2 months supply): $130.00 (FREE USA & UK Shipping)
  • Ultimate Muscle Gainer’s Package: 3 boxes TestoFuel + 1 free box, TestoFuel T-Shirt, 2 free e-books: Nutrition & Workout guides: $195.00 (FREE Worldwide Shipping)

3. Testogen (4.5 / 5)

testogen main photo

If you ever needed a testosterone booster that just works even without all the fancy bells and whistles, then Testogen is your friend.

It earned the rank of #3 not because it’s weak, but because of the three supplements we’ve selected, it was Testogen that was the mildest.

It makes use of potent ingredients, but it does not have the premium potency Prime Male offers nor does it have the massive dosing Testofuel used.

Despite its shortcomings, at least you know what to expect from Testogen as well as get the value out of your money. At the very least, this supplement should be the most affordable working testosterone booster available.

What is it?

Testogen is made by Wolfson Berg Limited. It calls itself a “Testosterone Triple Action” supplement which is probably due to its Big 3 testosterone-boosting ingredients.

From the looks of things, this product also offers benefits for training and sex. It claims to give users:

  • Strengthened muscle mass and more lean muscle.
  • Stimulated libido and motivation.
  • Sharpened performance, both physical and mental.
  • Slimmed-down body fat especially around the waist, and even reduced cholesterol and lower blood pressure.
Ingredient List

Here are Testogen’s top 5 Ingredients.

D-Aspartic Acid

Also known as DAA, it’s currently the king of testosterone boosters. It’s capable of boosting T-levels by up to 42% in less than two weeks.

In humans we found that with the consumption of a daily dose of 10 ml of 2 M sodium D-aspartate solution (3.12 g) for 12 consecutive days, the levels of luteinizing hormone and testosterone in the serum were significantly increased, by 33% and 42% respectively.

The form we would’ve preferred is D-AA-CC, but plain DAA is pretty good too.

Tribulus Terrestris

Another popular herb for sex and mood. This herb seems to indirectly help testosterone precursors while supporting male sex hormones.


B-Vitamins in general are always good, but the ones in this formula – B2, B5, B6 – were carefully chosen to boost testosterone, energy, and overall mood (not just for sex).


Selenium is the kind of mineral that you always have enough of if you eat a standard Western diet, but a little bit more never hurts especially since selenium deficiency is linked to male infertility.

Panax Ginseng

Though not really a good testosterone booster, ginseng’s manly benefits might be linked to testosterone: One human study found Panax ginseng capable of increasing free testosterone and the androgen DHT in men.

Use of Panax Ginseng extract showed an increase in spermatozoa number/ml and progressive oscillating motility, an increase in plasma total and free testosterone, DHT, FSH and LH levels.

How it works

Testogen is a good combination of testosterone boosting, gym performance, and sex.

While testosterone boosters should naturally improve libido, it never hurts to actually directly improve it during those special moments with your girl.

If only it improved the dosing or the forms of the ingredients, then maybe we’ll have to consider Testogen’s rank here, but for now we have to let it settle at #3.

It’s not a bad rank; it’s the third best testosterone booster we know and we know A LOT.

Price and Packages

Testogen can be purchased through their official site. Check the prices below.

  • 1 bottle: $54.95
  • 2 bottles + 1 bottle Free: $119.95
  • 3 bottles + 2 bottles Free + Free Muscle Tea Repair + Free Ebook: $179.95

Fast & Free Shipping for all orders!

Tips For Buying Supplements Online

diet pills

Buying a dietary supplement can be a terrible and frustrating experience. There are so many products, making too many claims.

Which are the ones can you believe? There are almost an infinite amount of ingredients, including way too many that you’ve never even heard of.

At the end of the day, you just want to buy a product that works. And we want to help you do just that.

Find your goal

Before buying anything, you must first know WHY you’re buying a supplement. Is it for weight loss? Are you struggling academically? Do you want to feel manly again at the age of 40 or even 60?

After you know why, go deeper. Do you want to feel manly quick and on the go or do you want to have a long-term, but everlasting effect with male sexual health? Do you only want to lose weight or do you also want to build some muscle?

Knowing the reason why you’re buying a supplement will help you understand the importance of the following steps.

Research the best ingredients

This will be the core of your research. Finding the best ingredients for your needs is made easy thanks to the internet, but be wary of sites that attempt to sell ingredients and brands and not hard facts.

Some websites even go as far as say a doctor or some other reputable person takes a specific supplement or compound, even though the person has no real affiliation with said supplement.

When it comes to doing research, it’s important to look past most blogs and articles you see online and focus on the source of their material: Scientific Journals.

Where do you find these journals? You can try free databases like Pub Med or use Google Scholar.

But, just because a study confirms a theory doesn’t mean it’s a guaranteed result, so make sure to understand the whole study as well as the conclusion the researchers are making. If you’re unsure like 90% of people (which is totally normal!), join a supplement or fitness forum and ask some of the experts there.

Prepare a list of five ingredients and have them be the focus for your search. Make sure to know the best FORMS of each ingredient in terms of bioavailability. The most potent testosterone booster DAA is plain compared to its premium DAA-CC form.

Check out the story behind each brand

Now that you know the ingredients, it’s time to be on the lookout for the great brands! You can start by asking for recommendations online, or just opening sites like Amazon and see their best sellers according reviews.

Get the list of brands that offer your researched ingredients and focus on the manufacturer’s integrity when it comes to quality as well as product results.

Consider the claims made by the company. Are they real? Are they based on the studies you’ve seen? Are the claims exaggerated or bent too much?

Do your due diligence and be on the lookout for red flags

This involves checking out the company’s reputation. Be on the look out for scams, cases of fraud, and general poor customer service.

You can also try visiting their webpage and do a general proofread. If the website looks and reads like a highschooler made it for a marketing project, you should probably avoid that company altogether.

The best supplement manufacturers make sure everything is as flawless as their money can afford them.

Read the label

This is a fundamental exercise even for non-supplement enthusiasts. Reading labels of your food or supplements does not mean reading the brand name or the fancy fonts. No, it means taking a look at the ingredients and supplement facts section as well as health warnings.

Check out the ACTUAL declared ingredients, the dose per serving for each one (if possible), and if it containst things that don’t belong in a health supplement like preservatives or colorants.

Be extra vigilant on the number of servings per bottle. Some brands over something like “100 capsules,” but one serving is up to four capsules per day, making it a 25-day bottle.

Get Results Faster!

You can’t 100% rely on supplements. The body is simply not meant to live on a per-capsule or per-powder basis. Here’s a quick list of thing you SHOULD do to enhance the effects of any supplement you’re taking.

Eat real, healthy food

Supplements are meant to do one thing: Supplement. There is no substitute for actually getting the nutrients from real food.

If possible, try getting the nutrients you’ve researched from natural food sources so not only will you spend less money, but you will also be giving your body a bunch of other healthy stuff too.


No one really likes to exercise, but its benefits are undeniable.

Not just for weight loss, exercise also has a lot of benefits when it comes to hormones, brain function, and even sex appeal (you know, like gains).

t doesn’t have to be something rigorous or stressful; even just casually riding a bicycle or having a morning walk every day will do.

Sleep well

Sleep is the only time your body is focused on recovery.

When you sleep, the body replenishes lost nutrients as well as repair damaged tissue. Your body also balances your hormones as well as fine tune your metabolism when you sleep.

Obviously, if you lack sleep your body will not be 100% or even 60% and will cause you to feel sickly, tired, and craving for unhealthy food and other habits.

How much sleep? Try at least 7 hours a day. It seems hard, but it’s really easy once you realize you waste too much time watching TV or browsing the internet.

Drink a lot of water

Water is life and the body is made up of around 70% water. Water also helps facilitate nutrient absorption, lubrication, and general health maintenance of the body.

If you don’t drink enough water (8-16 glasses or more; varies according to your lifestyle), safe to say not only will supplements not work, but your body will also not function properly.

Do you have any feedback on Prime Male, TestoFuel or Testogen? Maybe you’ve tried them before and had awesome results?

Leave the team a comment below and let us know!

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