Top 5: Best Male Enhancement Pills Reviews 2018

Are you struggling to perform in the bedroom?

Or maybe your enthusiasm and drive towards your partner has started to diminish?

Well, rest assured, you certainly are not alone in fact there are literally thousands of people in the exact same situation as you are, dealing with the same issues day in day out.

However, it’s no secret that it’s not exactly an easy topic to bring up, and most men simply just choose to ignore the problem for good, but that never solves anything.

What if we told you that there were actually numerous non-invasive non-embarrassing ways to increase your sexual drive and ability in as fast as 30 days?

If that sounds like something you would be interested in, then read ahead!

As we have combined a comprehensive list of the Top 5 Male Enhancement Pills on the market in 2018.

All of these products are 100% natural, legal and best yet, WORK!

No more making excuses, no more embarrassing situations or conversations in the bedroom.

Just real results and real benefits.

So with that, all said, read on to see exactly what products made the list and find out which one is going to be best suited for you and your specific situation.

Ranking: Best Male Enhancement Supplements of 2018

1. Male Extra (4.8 / 5)

Male Extra photo

To put it simply, over 150,000 happy customers can’t be wrong.

That’s how many raving Male Extra fans there are.

And it’s refreshing to see a product like Male Extra on the market, not only does it have tremendous reviews behind it.

But it also has a strong formula packed full of science-backed ingredients to get you the desired results you need, time after time.

What is it?

Male Extra is a natural male enhancement formula specifically designed to give you a more satisfying sex life.

Male Extra is regarded as the most powerful male enhancement formula on the market, boasting an array of clinically tested and proven ingredients for helping blood flow, erection strength and overall stamina in the bedroom.

If you believe you may be lacking in these areas, Male Extra has you covered.

Here’s a little overview of some of the proven benefits it will provide:

  • Increase your stamina in the bedroom.
  • Enjoy bigger, stronger, harder erections every time.
  • Stay harder for longer.
  • Enjoy more intense orgasms for both yourself and your partner.
  • Increase blood flow to increase endurance.

Male Extra is without a doubt the most comprehensive formula on the market and is suited for anyone who struggles to obtain or maintain an erection, it is also suited for those who struggle with arousal in the bedroom.

Ingredient List

So, with all these benefits, what are the main ingredients in Male Extra?

L-Arginine HCL

This is a well known amino acid that has been proven to promote blood flow and nitric oxide in the body.

Pomegranate 40% Ellagic Acid

Pomegranate supplementation has been shown over time to promote blood flow and circulation, making it a great addition to a male enhancement supplement.

Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM)

MSM is crucial to for cell and tissue health, and has also been shown to promote blood flow.


This ingredient has been shown to decrease levels of histamine in the body, which can increase erection duration and prevent climax, allowing for longer lasting sex.


Zinc and male enhancement go hand in hand, zinc has been shown over time to increase testosterone in males.


This natural aphrodisiac may increase sex drive and sexual function.


Boosts blood flow by allowing the blood vessels to relax and expand

How it works

In order for males to sustain a strong powerful erection, they need to have superb blood flow to the penis.

Male Extra works by combining several natural ingredients that are clinically shown to increase blood flow and decrease fatigue.

These ingredients work synergistically to promote oxygen and blood to the penis, to increase its size, hardness, and endurance.

Prices & Where To Buy

Male Extra can be purchased through their official site here:

One of the best aspects of Male Extra is the terrific deals they put together on their website which can save you some serious money.

The current pricing on Male Extra is as follows:

  • 1 bottle (1-Month Supply): $64.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $27.00
  • 3 bottles (3-Month Supply) + FREE Pro Erection Gel: $197.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $187.00
  • 4 bottles (4-Month Supply) + 2 x FREE Pro Erection Gel: $249.90 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $318.00

2. VigRX Plus (4.7 / 5)

VigRX Plus photo

VigRX Plus is designed to help you build your sexual strength and stamina.

The longer you take VigRX Plus, the better the results get.

Meaning you can continue to take this supplement continually and enjoy all the benefits that come along with it day in day out.

Here’s a look at some of the great benefits of VigRX Plus:

  • Increase in ability to penetrate your partner.
  • Increased ability to maintain a healthy erection.
  • Increased orgasm quality from both you and your partner.
  • Increase in sex drive and desire.
What is it?

VigRX Plus is a natural male enhancement supplement that has been shown to increase both sexual drive and sexual performance by increase users libido and blood flow.

This product is well formulated and has been on the market for over 17 years.

In addition to that, it is also doctor recommend for those seeking a more natural approach to male enhancement.

This product is best suited for those who need increased endurance in the bedroom.

Ingredient List

VigRx Plus is a blend of all natural ingredients, designed to promote blood flow and increase sexual stamina.

The 5 most effective ones are:

Epimedium Leaf Extract (Horny Goat Weed)

This ingredient has been tried and tested for years, and can support an increase in Nitric Oxide production and an increase in testosterone.


This natural plant extract has been used as an aphrodisiac for centuries.

With it affects promoting oxygen supply and blood flow to the penis.

Asian Red Ginseng

An age-old aphrodisiac that may increase sexual pleasure.

Muira Pauma Bark Extract

This naturally occurring aphrodisiac may increase libido and sexual desire.

Hawthorn Berry

This berry extract can increase blood vessel strength and promote blood flow.

How it works

VigRX Plus is one of the most potent natural male enhancement supplements on the market, and it’s easy to see why.

The ingredient panel on this product is second to none, with all active ingredients providing benefits such as increased blood flow, endurance, and arousal.

This results in not only improved blood flow but increased arousal and endurance as well.

Prices & Where To Buy

VigRX Plus can be purchased through their official site here:

The comapny offers some amazing deals for those looking to save some serious money.

The current deals are as follows:

  • 1 box (1-Month Supply): $76.99
  • 2 boxes (2-Month Supply): $143.99 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $9.99
  • 3 boxes (3-Month Supply): $205.99 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $24.98
  • SILVER PACKAGE – 4 boxes (4-Month Supply) + 2 x BONUS GIFTS: $267.99 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $39.97
  • GOLD PACKAGE – 5 boxes (4-Month Supply) + 3 x BONUS GIFTS: $329.99 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $54.96
  • PLATINUM PACKAGE – 6 boxes (4-Month Supply) + 3 x BONUS GIFTS: $384.99 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $76.95
  • DIAMOND PACKAGE – 12 boxes (4-Month Supply) + 3 x BONUS GIFTS: $489.99 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $433.89

3. Max Performer (4.6 / 5)

Max Performer photoIf sexual performance issues are causing conflict in your relationship, and you have tried just about every option under the sun to fix it, Max Performer is for you.

Max Performer has helped hundreds of men in the same scenario overcome their sexual performance issues to regain confidence, increase their confidence and feel the power one again.

If you need to reclaim your manhood and would benefit from things such as:

  • Increased sexual desire.
  • Bigger and harder erections
  • Increased stamina.
  • Stronger performance in the bedroom.
  • Having more fun.

Then without a doubt, Max Performer is the perfect choice for you.

What is it?

Max Performer is a natural male enhancement supplement designed to increase man’s sexual desire and performance through a blend of naturally occurring aphrodisiac ingredients.

It’s best suited for men who are lacking energy and enthusiasm in the bedroom, as well as those who are struggling to last an adequate duration.

Ingredient List

Max Performer combines a blend of science supported natural ingredients in great dosages.

The full ingredient list can be found below.

Horny Goat Weed

Known for increasing blood flow and increased sensitivity to stimulation.


This is an aphrodisiac that can boost sperm count, endurance, and stamina.

Red Korean Ginseng

This ingredient may increase alertness and sexual desire.


Cordyceps an increase blood flow to sexual organs, resulting in more powerful erections and enhanced testosterone.


Known to help the absorption of ingredients, making the product even more effective.


Can help relax and reduce stress to your cells.


Zinc is well known for increasing ejaculations and orgasms.

How it works

Max Performer works very simply.

It combines proven ingredients in efficacious dosages to promote blood flow, reduce stress and increase arousal.

Prices & Where To Buy

Max Performer can be purchased through their official site here:

  • 1 box (1-Month Supply): $69.00
  • 3 boxes (3-Month Supply): $138.00
  • 6 boxes (6-Month Supply): $200.00 | TOTAL SAVINGS: 50%

4. ProSolution Plus (4.5 / 5)

Pro Solution Plus photo

It’s time to enjoy sex again, ProSolution Plus is raising the bar when it comes to complete male enhancement solutions.

Join the thousands of satisfied customers who have noticed a significant increase in the quality and duration of their sexual lives all thanks to ProSolutions Plus.

What is it?

Pro Solution Plus is doctor approved male enhancement supplement that is specifically formulated to help you regain your youth in the bedroom.

If you suffer from problems such as premature ejaculation, trouble getting aroused, or trouble staying aroused, this supplement is definitely created for a man like you.

From supplementing with Pro Solution Plus, you can expect to:

  • Reduce your chances of premature ejaculation.
  • Improve your erection quality.
  • Improve overall sexual function.
  • Improve your and your partners’ sexual satisfaction.

From its claims, Pro Solution Plus was meant for those who may be lacking endurance in the bedroom, and are either having trouble getting an erection, or finishing too fast.

Ingredient List

ProSolution Plus offers a different take to all the other products in our list, with a whole list of natural ingredients, many of which you won’t find in any of the other products.

The ingredient list can be seen in full below:

Tribulus Terrestris

This is one of the most science-backed natural testosterone enhancing supplements on the market, and is well known for increasing arousal in males.

Withania Somnifera

A flower extract that has been shown to increase blood flow, specifically blood flow to the genitals.

Asparagus Adscendens

This is your anti-inflammatory ingredient, it can help reduce stress and tension, allowing you to maintain longer erections.

Mucana Pruriens

This is your feel-good ingredient, it increases dopamine production will enhance excitement and pleasure.

Asteracantha Longifolia

This may increase arousal and sperm count in males.

Curuligo Orchioides

Increases the frequency and quality of erections.


This ingredient will help reduce premature ejaculation.

How it works

This product is one of the most tried and tested male enhancement supplements on the market and will aide increasing sex drive, performance, and sexual frequency.

In fact, ProSolutions Plus has conducted many studies on not only their overall product, but the ingredients as a whole, and have seen sexual satisfaction rates in users increase by an average of 78%!

This is due to the high dosages of active ingredients in the product, and the fact that ProSolution Plus covers all bases when it comes to male enhancement.

Not only will it make you feel great while using it, but it will also increase your sexual abilities and endurance significantly so long as you continue taking the supplement!

Prices & Where To Buy

ProSolution Plus can be purchased through their official site here:

At current this product has 7 different offers on their website.

  • 1 box (1-Month Supply): $69.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $10.00
  • 2 boxes (2-Month Supply): $119.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $39.95
  • 3 boxes (3-Month Supply) + FREE Erection System Membership: $164.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $74.90
  • 4 boxes (4-Month Supply) + FREE Erection System Membership: $209.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: 109.85
  • 5 boxes (5-Month Supply) + FREE ProSolution Gel + FREE Erection System Membership: $254.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $144.80
  • 6 boxes (6-Month Supply) + FREE ProSolution Gel + FREE Erection System Membership: $299.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $179.75
  • 12 boxes (12-Month Supply) + FREE ProSolution Gel + FREE Volume Pills + FREE Erection System Membership: 429.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $529.45

5. ExtenZe (4.8 / 5)

ExtenZe photo

ExtenZe is designed to give you the manhood you have always wanted, all in the convenience of 1 little pill.

What is it?

ExtenZe is a prescription free male enhancing supplement that has been rigorously tested to generate similar results to expensive and dangerous alternatives such as implants, prescription drugs, and pumps.

ExtenZe guarantee that using their supplement you will notice:

  • Bigger, harder more frequent erections.
  • An increase in orgasm pleasure for both you and your partner.
  • Increase endurance for longer lasting sex.
  • Increased sensitivity and stimulation.

ExtenZe is specifically designed for those who are struggling with maintaining erections in the bedroom, and those are struggling to get an erection to begin with.

It is also suited for those who lack arousal in the bedroom.

Ingredient List

ExtenZe offers a unique blend of over 20 natural ingredients.

The 5 most potent ingredients in the product are:

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus is often used in bodybuilding supplements to increase testosterone and aggression in the gym.

Well, the same results can be expected in the bedroom when taken in a male enhancement product!


Zinc has been well documented to increase the frequency and volume of sperm, and can aide arousal.

Yohimbe Bark

A stimulant that can increase awareness, cognitive function and arousal.

Horny Goat Weed

Another great ingredient for any male enhancement supplement, this can increase blood flow and sensitivity.

Korean Ginseng

Another aphrodisiac that can increase sexual pleasure.

How it works

This potent blend of natural ingredients combines to deliver some seriously big results.

From using this supplement you can expect to have increased erections, increased desires towards your partner and maintain a healthy erection for longer.

Moreover, ExtenZe has built such a big brand behind this product for good reason, it covers every base possibly for male enhancement, and offers very similar results when compared to more invasive techniques such as implants or surgery.

Prices & Where To Buy

ExtenZe can be purchased through their official site here:

  • 1 Month Supply: $59.95
  • 2 Month Supply: $109.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $10.00
  • 3 Month Supply: $159.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $20.00
  • 6 Month Supply: $309.95 | TOTAL SAVINGS: $50.00

Who Are These Products Suited For?

The products in this list are suitable for all males over 18 who are experiencing difficulties either with getting or maintaining an erection.

These supplements in our list are also suited for those who may experience premature ejaculation and trouble with arousal.

Tips For Buying Male Enhancement Products Online

As with any online purchase, we recommend you do your due diligence to ensure you are getting the best product for your certain needs.

However, male enhancement is a market in which there are hundreds of products that promise great results, but only deliver a hole in your wallet.

For that reason, we strongly advise that if you are considering purchasing a male enhancement supplement that it be from our list above.

Our expert team has devised a detailed list of the best five male enhancement supplements on the market in 2018 and we guarantee that you will notice great results from utilizing any of these products.

However, we always recommend you follow these three steps when purchasing a male enhancement supplement online:


Do some independent research on what Ingredients are best suited to your specific needs.

Everyone’s needs are different, so some products may not be suited for you.

It’s also important to research the ingredients in the supplement you are considering purchasing, both in terms of how effective they are, and what the correct dosage of said ingredient is.

Buy In Bulk

Once you are set on a product, why not take advantage of some of the companies bulk buy options.

Many websites including the ones on our list above will reward loyal customers with huge discounts when they purchase one or more products.

Consult Your Doctor

While all the ingredients in the product mentioned throughout this article are 100% natural.

It’s always important to get a professional opinion, especially if you are currently taking any prescription medication.

How To Maximise Your Results

man running in the gym

Once you purchase the perfect male enhancement supplement for your needs, there are numerous ways in which you can maximize your results naturally.

Hit The Gym

It’s no secret that hitting the gym is great for the body and mind.

However, did you know that it could also do wonders for your libido?

Weights training and cardiovascular exercise can have great results on increasing testosterone levels, which will help increase erection frequency and arousal.

Eat More Healthy Fats

Eat more healthy fats and your testosterone will increase, simple as that.

Try to get at least 20% of your daily diet from healthy fats, as these are essential for optimal hormone production.

Lose Weight

For males, when we go beyond 15% body fat, our hormones suffer.

Simply put, once we go over this body fat percentage we will not produce testosterone as optimally as what we would if we were between 10-15% body fat.

And as testosterone is a key factor in male sex drive, it makes sense to try our best to stay between those two body fat percentages.

If you find yourself sitting significantly above 15% and are struggling either getting or maintaining an erection, losing weight could be a smart idea for you.

Do you have any feedback on Male Extra, VigRX Plus, Max Performer, Pro Solution Plus or ExtenZe? Maybe you’ve tried them before and had awesome results?

Leave the team a comment below and let us know!

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