Our Mission

As a consumer you want to make the best choices you can. MADfood provides detailed reviews on niche products in: beauty, skincare, health, weight loss and muscle building supplements.

Our mission is to help you find the products that suit your needs and save you money. The relevant information we provide will enable you to make good choices.

Not only that, we want you as consumers to have a voice. We want to hear your feedback on products and what works for you. We want you to tell us about any great alternatives you may find to the products we review.

Knowledge is strength and there is strength in numbers. By joining our community you will benefit from our expert reviews. The opinions and experiences of other consumers will enhance your chances of making the right choice.

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How Do We Work?

MADfood gives you the most relevant information on products in beauty, skincare, health and weight loss. We do the research so you can make the best choice.

Expert Analysis

We will determine how effective a product may be. We will tell you about any potential side effects.

User Reviews

We will search the internet for feedback on products. We will try and establish what products work for you, the consumer.


We will investigate the ingredients in the products. We will, where we can, back up our findings with science based evidence.


We will detail the cost of products and try to find the ones that give value for money. We will also highlight and hidden charges or schemes.

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