Healthy Benefits Of Paleo Diet

If we consider Paleolithic ancestors, they have eaten natural diets which did not contain any preservatives, or added chemicals, or calorie-fortified diets that we are consuming presently. The natural diet which our ancestors have eaten kept their body healthy and skinny.

In the past days, there were no people who suffer from weight gain because paleo contains fewer carbohydrates and calories and these don’t contain hydrogenated oils, saturated fats, refined sugar, and salts. So they did not suffer from the disorders such as diabetes and heart diseases because they used to eat natural foods without preservatives and added chemicals.

Paleo foods are such foods like meats. Meats synthesized from grass-eating animals, vegetables especially root vegetables, eggs, fish, nuts. They did not have a habit of taking processed food such as dairy products, legumes, grains.

Here some paleo foods are mentioned below so you can get awareness of paleo foods.


All meats come with Paleo foods. It is best to eat skinny meats. It is better to choose grass-eating goats and beef. Pork can be eatable but eliminate the additional fat from it. The chicken comes with the paleo diet. All Wild animals come under paleo diets such as geese, deer, wild hogs, ducks, and quail. These offers fine meat without containing antibiotics and hormones which we see in supermarkets and store meats. If anybody wants to cook beef jerky, take a cooker, spice up beef, and add natural spices to beef and cook paleo beef jerky.


Fish comes from the paleo diet. The fist is very healthy diet especially fish which is caught in the wild environment. If we buy fish that is cultured in a controlled environment and frozen in refrigerators, such fish is not good for health and it does not come under paleo diet.

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Vegetables also come under paleo diet. Vegetables consisting of excess amounts starch is not good for health such a potato. Vegetables that come under paleo foods are spinach, collards, mustard greens and turnip greens. These are good for health.


Paleo diets which can be served along with salads are beets, pumpkin, sprouts, broccoli, carrots, and cabbage.


Nuts also come under paleo diets. It is better to consume nuts in medium amounts because there is a chance to gain weight by eating nuts. That is why it is better to eat nuts in medium quantity. Walnuts consist of rich proteins and omega 3 oils. Nuts that come from paleo foods are pistachios, almonds, Pecans, and chestnuts. We can prepare recipes by using nuts.


All fruits come with paleo foods. Generally consists of rich sugars. Rich sugars lead to weight gain. People who want weight loss should take medium amounts.

Eggs also come under paleo diets.


Water and some unsweetened tea come with paleo diets. It is better always to drink plenty of water.

Some foods which don’t come under paleo diets are salts, bread, refined sugars, and pasta. It is better to exclude fatty foods, sweets, and legumes. Soft drinks and alcoholic products are not paleo diets.Usually diets those are caught, fished, hunted from wild environment comes with paleo food.

Our paleolithic ancestors used to eat paleo diet which is very good for health. It is always better to choose paleo food rather than buying from supermarkets and meat stores. It is better to have the paleo food habits rather than normal eating.

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